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Welcome to The Infield


Take a break from your busy day and head on over to the baseball themed Infield. Choose from any one of our creative hot dogs or select from one of our delicious French Dips. Relax and enjoy the baseball themed soundtrack as you sit in one of our authentic baseball stadium seats from around league. Enjoy a Chili Cheese Frito Dog topped w/ Melted Shredded Cheddar or bite into a succulent double dipped French Dip Sandwich and wash it all down with a classic lemonade or perhaps a Dr. Browns Cream Soda.


Just make sure you leave room for our Deep Fried Twinkie, golden brown crispy to perfection topped with powdered sugar.


Should there be anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable please do not hesitate to let us know or email us at



Robert Davitian


Celebrity Signature Dogs

The Infield is a ht with Hollywood celebrites just ask comedian John Lovitz or actor Charlie Sheen better yet have their favorite hot dogs which are up on the menu for all to enjoy. While at the Infield check out our celebrity signed baseballs, autographs baseballs by Magic Johnson, Pete Rose, and many other celebrities that have come for a bite.

The French Dip
The Origins of the French Dip

The French Dip is a sandwich that despite it's name is not French at all.  The French Dip was created in Los Angeles in the early 1900's. As the story goes there was beef but no more bread, only day old bread. The day old bread was sliced, both sides of the bread were gently dipped into steaming hot juice from the cooking pan, the juice or "au jus" in French, is a result of slow cooking the beef, the au jus is packed with flavor and The French Dip was a hit.


Today the rolls are fresh but the meat is still slow cooked succulent and tender.  Today you choose how you want your Dip, single dip is only one side of the bread, double dip is both sides of the bread and submerged is where the entire sandwich is dunked into the au-jus.

Meat of the Order

The Infield doesn't stop with authentic decor, the Infield boast one of the largest varities of hot dogs of all time. 


Classic - All beef w/ a natural casing providing that snap when you bite into the sausage, nothing lke the taste of a traditional LA snapper


Sabrett - Imported from Brooklyn this hickory smoked sausage w/ a thin casing(snap) will make you feel like you are in the big city


Hebrew National - This jumbo all beef kosher hot dog is one of a kind and a fan favorite - just ask Jon Lovitz


Vienna Polish - All beef rich flavorful dog, If you are from Chicago then you know, if you are not from Chicago come find out


Dodger Dog - There is nothing like the tatse of a Dodger Dog & you can get the foot long dog at the Infield for $2 on Monday's - Go Blue

The Infield Gets Noticed
  • 2009 Voted Number 1 Hot Dog Stand by myFOXLA

  • 2010  Top 10 Hot Dog Stands in The Nation by Westways Magazine

  • 2011 Profiled by AOL Small Business

  • 2012  Top 10 Must Try Foods in the Valley - Zagat

  • 2014  Top 10 Hot Dog Stands in LA - LAist

  • Twice featured  on the front page of the Daily News

  • Praised by LA food critic Jonathan Gold

  • Feautured multiple times on the evening news as well as

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