Sausage Selection


Infield All Beef Snapper

An all beef hot dog with natural casing, locally made and with the perfect snap


Chicago Dog

All beef dog, served with mustard, neon relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt


West Virginian

Home town favorite hot dog, chili on the bottom, mustard, coleslaw and onions on the top, the sweet tangy coleslaw makes this dog a must try


Pastrami Dog

Loaded with steaming hot pastrami, mustard and pickles, this dog is a favorite of actor Cuba Gooding Jr.


Chili Cheese Dog

A great mix of traditional yellow mustard, onions, chili & cheese


Chili Cheese Frito Dog

The Original Chili Cheese Frito Dog, Chili & crushed frito chips mix, mustard, melted cheese and topped w/ crunchy fresh fritos, careful others who try to imitate our creation


Charlie Sheen Dog

Charlie came by one day, wanted to create his own dog & this is what he came up with, a super charged Chicago topped w/ Siracha (Tiger's Blood)


NY Sabrett

We keep it authentic with the New York Sabrett, this is the same dog you will find on the street corners of Manhattan


Dodger Dog

If you have grown up in LA then you know all about the Farmer John foot long Dodger Dog, come enjoy the nostalgia of a Dodger Dog while seating in real Dodger stadium seats


Brooklyn Dodger

A Dodger Dog w/ deli mustard, swiss cheese & sauerkraut


Sandy Koufax

A Sandy Koufax is the name of our kosher Hebrew National jumbo dog


Jon Lovitz

Comedian Jon Lovitz, one of our best patrons only eats this dog, all beef Hebrew National, mustard, relish and shredded cheddar cheese (He also gets a diet coke and cheddar ruffles but those are not included)


Bronx Bomber

NY Sabrett, with deli mustard, yellow mustard, red onion sauce and sauerkraut. A dog for the true Yankee fan


Brooklyn Pastrami

This NY Sabrett is packed with pastrami, swiss cheese, deli mustard & sauerkraut served on a poppy seed bun. A long time favorite of our fans


Turkey Dog

For the non beef eater in you, a 100% turkey dog with a natural casing providing a perfect snap


Green Monster

Not a beef eater, not a turkey eater, no problem, we have a veggie dog!


Triple Play Value

Choose from a Classic, Sabrett, Turkey or Dodger Dog, includes Fries & a soft drink



Fried Twinkie

If you haven't, you really should


Fried Twinkie Dog

All Beef Dog with a Deep Fried Twinkie acting as the bun, topped w/ Cheez Wiz & Powdered Sugar


Smores Dog

An All Beef Dog smothered in a fusion of Marshmallow Cream, Chocolate Syrup & Graham Crackers


Hound Dog

This Elvis inspired dog come with an All Beef Dog, a special peanut butter and marshmallow sauce topped with a fried banana and whipped cream


Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananna

Take a banana, put a stick in it, let it freeze, then bring it out dip it into warm chocolate and enjoy


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French Dip Sandwiches


The French Dip

A French Dip is a Sandwich on a French roll, the French roll is sliced in half and the bottoms of sliced bread are dipped into the slow cooked meat natural juices or 'au jus' in French. The au jus is packed with flavor creating a warm delicious sandwich. Choose how you would prefer your Dip. Single Dip would be one side of the sliced roll. Double Dip would be both sides of the sliced roll. Submerged would be having the entire sandwich dunked into the au jus. Make your selection Roast Beef - Pastrami - Pot Roast - Turkey


Once you have chosen the meat for your sandwich you can then add on anything you like, for instance you can add a variety cheeses, mustard or any of our condiments or sides

Roast Beef


Pot Roast






Add On California Cheddar Cheese


Add On Melted Mozzarella Cheese


Side of Au Jus



$2 more gets you a value meal of fries & soft drink


Spice Your Dip Up With Deli Mustard, Horseradish or Even Siracha



Crispy golden fried to perfection


Chili Cheese Fries

Some places let you end up with just fries at the bottom of your order, not at the Infield, the Infield's Chili Cheese Fries are layered to ensure chili and cheese in every bite


West Virginian Fries

Similar to the West Virginian Hot Dog, fries are layered with chili, coleslaw and onions


Chili Cheese Fritos

Our take on the traditional Frito pie, layers of Fritos mixed in with the Infield's Chili and Cheese making an outstanding eat



Sweet, Creamy & Tangy


Assorted Chips

Fritos, Ruffles & more


Whole Kosher Dill Pickle

Huge Dill Pickle Which If You Like We Can Cut Into Fours


Shredded Cheddar for your Hot Dog

We can serve it fresh or melt it down



A Deli Dog is a Sabrett w/ deli mustard and Kraut but you can put kraut on any dog, some people just have it in a bowl


Imported Chicago Sport Peppers

Spice up any dog with our peppers


Sabrett NY Red Onion Sauce

Just like they do in New York, smother any dog you want with the red onion reduction


Dr. Brown's Cream Soda

Black Cherry, Diet Black Cherry, Cream, Diet Cream, & Root Beer. Enjoy yesterday's pop with today's prices


Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite




Bottled Water


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